I will not tell you what to do unless there is any homework or challenges that are suitable for your progress. That is a choice you always have within yourself to take part or not. Everything is about choice.

I encourage, motivate and support you in making positive changes and
choices for yourself.


I hold sessions via telephone and also Zoom, for those clients who prefer to work face to face I offer a limited number of in-person sessions in and around London.


Tara Knowles Vision Board Workshops
£ 55 /Person
Great Days Only Hourly Rate
£ 120
Business Brainstorming Package
£ 999 This is a 3-month package, which includes 12 x 1-hour coaching sessions. The session includes
  • ● Overview of business’s current status
  • ● Where do you want to start
  • ● What you need to do

It's not WHAT YOU JUST KNOW – it's also WHO YOU KNOW!

I have great connections with many businesses and manufacturers that will be happy to assist any client of mine.

  • ● Graphic Designers
  • ● Social Media Managers
  • ● Website Designers
  • ● All Types of Manufacturers; from handmade shoemakers to clothing line startups, from bottle printing to mass production of glasses.

Overall, a one-stop solution for nearly every kind of business venture.

Great Days Only Book Writing Package
£ 2999 2500 This package includes 12 sessions over 2 months
  • Write a book in 30 days with Tara Knowles
  • Masterclass – What’s Included?
  • Booklet download or delivery
  • 1-hour consultation after you sign up
  • Weekly phone call / Zoom meeting on a day best for you
  • ● Start to finish on how to write your own book and self publish it
  • ● Guidance on How to become an Amazon bestseller
  • Access to WhatsApp to send Ideas or Ask questions anytime
  • Whole coverage on books on
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Packages - For A Limited Time Only!

Great Days Only Bronze Package
£ 396 297 This package includes 4 sessions over 1 month. One session a week for 4 weeks.
Great Days Only Silver Package
£ 792 594 This package includes 8 sessions over 4 weeks. Two sessions a week over 8 weeks.
Great Days Only Gold Package
£ 1188 891 This package includes 12 sessions over 2 months
Great Days Only Game Changer Package
£ 2,399 1,799
  • 24 Sessions – One 90 minute session weekly
  • 60 Minutes – Phone/message/email
  • Extra time during the week in between sessions
  • Change your Mind Body - Fitness - LIFE

I am looking forward to working with you!