Hello, I’m Tara Knowles, Founder of Great Days Only Ltd., which was established in 2016. Then revamped into Great days Only Perspective Ltd., in 2021 after the launch of my first self-published book; Perspective – I’m an emotional woman, not a weak one. Which became a bestseller within 48 hours. 

I’ve always had a helpful, 'want More For You' kind of attitude for everyone around me, even strangers – which doesn't feel like 2 minutes into a conversation.

I have helped not only myself but many individuals. Whatever your challenge, business, personal, or something else, there isn't much that I've not dealt with myself – or helped within others.

Like you – I’ve tried many things that didn’t work, whether it's gurus and experts that didn’t deliver, or countless programmes to join that were not motivational to be consistent with it.

 Over the years, I have built confidence within myself, my values, and my future. The clarity for me is to know my direction, embracing bumps and learning curves. The Real results are what make the difference! We can all say we want to do something but what separates TALKERS from WALKERS are REAL RESULTS!

I have a life coach myself, who keeps me in check. Since a lot of what I love to do is for everyone else, Helping People Is One Of My Passions! I help people like you and me become our best selves.

My Process is Simple

Not sure if you want to commit? Let's see if we are a great fit. Sign up to receive a FREE OF CHARGE – no-obligation 15-minute FREE consultation.

If you want to make moves in any or all areas of your life, you are in the right place. I go the extra mile for those who want to help themselves and just need that extra support in changing for the better.

I am now who I needed when I started. 

  • A new plan
  • A new attitude
  • And commit to the discipline to do it 
  • Wealth plans; anyone can have them 
  • Wealth goals; anyone can design them 
  • Wealth habits and disciplines; anyone can develop them 

Why Not Start Today. This Could Be A New Day,
A New Future! It creates a new excitement about life and its possibilities for you.

Personal Development
All Areas In Life Goals
And Planning Healing
And Triggers What Makes You Happy?

Embracing my own life journey and being able to create multiple
breakthroughs through some of my hardest times. 

Through the Great Days Only Programme, we want to break the stigma of mental health in our society and shine a light on the positivity and support that should be available for everyone no matter their situation.

Healing Is The Way Forward!!!

Great Days Only Coaching

GDO coaching is ideal if you're feeling stuck and want to make a change.
Accountability coaching offers the support you need to take action.
Coaching can help you reach goals in almost all areas of your life from health & fitness,
relationships to confidence and careers.

Do you feel like you're going in the right direction?
What are you missing from your current life?

Quality coaches drive quality results. This is the kind of value and expertise, as your life coach or mentor, I will bring to your life.

Life Will Change When You Change!

Learn to work harder In yourself than in your job.
Learn to handle your hard times as nicely as you handle your good times.
Learn how to achieve every goal you set.

What I can teach you?

Moving from confusion to clarity when at any crossroads in life


  • UNCOVER your skills and enhance your confidence
  • CREATE A PLAN of life, as a guide to support 
  • RE-CONNECT to the things you love to bring more joy into your life
  • IMPROVE MONEY MINDSET so you can feel and become more abundant, not just in money. 
  • RAISE VIBRATION so you become a powerful magnet for everything you want 
  • INCREASE CONSCIOUSNESS so you can be awakened and embrace the change ahead.
  • CREATE AFFIRMATIONS to change your thought process and beliefs 
  • UNCOVER your personal identity so you can feel happier in your own skin
  • VISUALISE your new future so you can attract what you want for yourself. 

If Nothing Changes – Nothing Changes!!!

Great days only sessions consist of a whole overview of areas of your lives, from your feelings and emotions to action-based solutions, areas of your business, self-employment, or ownership.

Past - Present - Future 

PAST – Go Over It! 
So that you can see from the PAST what you know, figure out what worked for you and what didn't. What you have experienced and how you can turn things around so you are not haunted by your past anymore. 

PRESENT – Accept Current Reality!
An overview of your current reality – what’s your everyday routine, how can you change this for more positivity, self-love, and care.

FUTURE – Nothing But Positivity!
Change Today for a Better Tomorrow. Increase in positivity, self-love, self-care, and more finances.


Supporting you in changing your current diet, fitness, exercise, energy, diet, healing rest, and restoration.

Guiding you towards greater clarity, motivation, and self-belief. Letting go of all limitations and self-critical thoughts. 

Tap into your higher self, your intuition, awareness of your energy, and also other spiritual aspects. Awareness of your energy and intuition, understanding your life's purpose and inner peace.